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Airbnb Property Management

We are an AirBnB management company who can take the headache out of the bookings, preparation, staging/styling, marketing and cleaning, allowing you to sit back and collect a better return.

AirBnB With Me was founded in 2018 by Adam Donaldson, who also personally manages the business today. Adam’s inspiration came from his experience with various accommodation types throughout his travels and his time in real estate, to build and manage holiday/short term rental properties for all walks of life, which provides a unique and luxurious travel experience every time.

Adam has successfully managed several businesses over his working career, in various industries across sales and operations and has gained invaluable knowledge and experience especially within the real estate industry. His own investments have been within Sydney, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Brisbane and experienced many real estate agencies managing his portfolio and learnt the importance and level of customer service required when managing someone’s assets. The detail and experience needed to provide profitable and special properties for holiday rentals purposes, has personally come from Adam completing his own full property renovations and styling.

As you can see in joining Airbnb With Me, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to help you get a better return on your investment property.


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